• Mark Orbell

Thinking of going skiing for the first time?

This is the season to come skiing. You might have skied 20 years ago (even 30!) or you might not have ever skied before. Now is time to give it go!

It is easier than you might think and with a little helping hand by an instructor you can be skiing in no time.

You can rent skis, boots and poles, snow jacket and pants in town or up at the resort. The only things you will need to kit yourself out with are sunglasses/goggle, gloves and some warm clothing for underneath your ski jacket and pants.

Once at the resort having a lesson is the best place to start. This will give you the best opportunity to enjoy your first day. The lesson will give you the key skills to make sure your boots are done up correctly, how to put on, and take off your skis and the all-important, how to stop!

You arrange all of the above yourself, or we are happy to help package it up for you. It really is that easy to go skiing - give it go!

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